Sunday, June 5, 2011

Civil Judge Junior Division Maharashtra Judicial Magistrate First Class Examination Maharashtra

Civil Judge Junior Division – Maharashtra
Civil Judge (Junior Division ) & Judicial Magistrate (First Class) Examination Maharashtra

Examination Format –

1.   Preliminary Examination
2.   Main Examination

     Examination Medium –

1.   Preliminary Examination - English
2.   Main Examination – English or Marathi

Important point- Knowledge of Marathi Language required

Preliminary Examination Syllabus –

  1. Code of Criminal Procedure
  2. Civil Procedure Code
  3. Evidence Act
  4. Transfer of Property Act               
  5. Specific Relief Act
  6. Maharashtra Rent Control Act
  7. Limitation Act
  8. Constitution of India
  9. Indian Penal Code
  10. Law of Contract
  11. Sale of Goods Act
  12. Partnership Act

Main Examination Syllabus –

Paper 1 –

  1. Civil Procedure Code
  2. Transfer of Property Act               
  3. Specific Relief Act
  4. Law of Contract
  5. Sale of Goods Act
  6. Partnership Act

Paper 2 –

  1. Indian Penal Code
  2. Evidence Act
  3. Code of Criminal procedure
  4. Essay on Current Legal Topics



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